In recent years, different types of lasers have been used in skin reshaping. Discolored spots, fine wrinkles, spider veins, and uneven skin tone are treated with the appropriate laser.

The lasers used to treat wrinkles, spots and skin tone are either invasive or non-invasive.

Invasive lasers achieve accurate and controlled skin removal with minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissues. Depth of skin penetration depends on the physician. Replacing the removed skin is done by transplanting and creating new collagen, which comes from the neighboring skin and hair follicles. The most commonly used invasive lasers are carbon dioxide LASE lasers Rs.

Non-invasive is ideal for people who do not want to have time to recover and cannot tolerate absence from their activities. Non-invasive lasers cause trauma without skin damage which result in the restructuring and increased deposition of new collagen.

In recent years, lasers have been used for faster repair of fractures with only fractional skin damage but leave much of it intact, so that rapid restoration of surrounding intact tissue is achieved due to the microscopic size of the lesions (FRACTIONAL LASER).


It is also necessary to emphasize that multiple treatments with intervals of three to five weeks are often needed to achieve the greatest benefit.